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Why manage your career?

Your career is a part of your overall life plan. In order to create the life you want, career planning leads you to achieving those overall important life goals.

Your career will be a major contributor to the quality of your life. The nature of the work you perform relates to your interests, skills, values and abilities: the individuals you spend time with (often more time than your family members); and the amount of money you earn will all be critical to your enjoyment and satisfaction in life.

Many people simply float along without much thought until they find themselves unhappy, unfulfilled or terminated from their position. Planning, versus living life by default, can change the course of your life and create longevity for your career.

When Nelson Mandela was asked how he withstood the suffering of being in jail for 27 years, he indicated he wasn’t suffering he was PLANNING! This is a choice you get to make.

Three lines of service offered

Career Transition

This service is for those employees who have been terminated from or have left their positions. These services are usually purchased by the employer. Individuals may purchase modules to assist them with going forward if their employer is not providing the service.

Career Management

This service is designed to assist individuals in mapping out not only a career plan but also a three year life plan. Employers often purchase these services for valued employees who have plateaued in their roles; may no longer be a fit where they are or the employer has determined the employee is ready for that next step. Individuals purchase these services when they have decided that their job or chosen career is no longer a fit and want to move forward with a clear plan.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is an active and collaborative process designed to support a person to make changes in order to create a more fulfilling personal and professional life. It is an ongoing partnership that facilitates action and learning resulting in greater personal effectiveness.

Why access services?

  • You have lost your job
  • You are feeling stuck
  • You are unhappy with your work/life balance
  • You are pursuing post secondary education but are unsure of the direction to take
  • You are living an unfulfilled life and know you need a change
  • You know there is more out there for you and need to get started