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Career Management

Who Can Benefit?

    Clients may either be sponsored by their employer or may contract for the services independently.

  • Employees who have plateaued in their current role and want to stay with their organization but do not know how to proceed. 
  • Individuals returning to the workforce looking for career direction.
  • Employees who are unhappy in their jobs but don’t know where to go next.
  • Students unsure of what to major in as they pursue post secondary education.
  • Students about to graduate from university or college who are unsure of their career direction.
  • Anyone who does not know what they want to be when they “grow up”.

Career Assessent Process

The process consists of three sessions:

First session: A review your employment history, education, goals, vision, values and thoughts on your career both past and future.

Second session: Interpretation of results of your Vocational Interest, Career Values and Personality Assessments.

Third session: Create an Action Plan for going forward mapping your life out in a three year plan.

Benefits of an Assessment

  • Greater self awareness-vocational interests; career planning.
  • Identify continuing education possibilities.
  • Clarity around job fit, career values, what’s present, what’s missing, how to create the environment best for you and your work style.
  • How to create life-balance; outside of work activities.
  • Knowing your unique personality traits and the impact you have on others.
  • Understanding and enhancing your approach to dealing with change.
  • Understanding and enhancing your approach to dealing with conflict.
  • Understanding and enhancing your effectiveness in communicating with others.