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Why Hire a Professional in Career Transition & Executive Coaching?

√ Management Training and Support

  • To have an experienced professional provide pre-termination training and support for the manager who is to carry out one of the most difficult tasks they will ever have to perform. The training includes; the content and delivery of the message, how to manage their emotions during this very challenging procedure as well as how to communicate with the remaining staff.

√ Employee Support

  • To provide support and assistance to the employee who is about to have their life changed dramatically often without any prior indication of what is to come. The consultant can ensure the person has what they need to get home, tell their family and start to focus on going forward by seeing the person within 24 hours of losing their job.

√ Survivor Support

  • To provide survivors in the workplace with an opportunity to deal with the impact of losing one of their coworkers, their emotions often include; fear, anger and survivor guilt. Employees often have questions of how to, or even if they should, reach out to the terminated employee.
  • To send a message to the remaining employees that even though terminations can happen in the workplace, the employer is responsible and provides support in order for the person to go forward.

√ Legal Ramifications

  • To reduce the possibility of lawsuits by getting the former employee focused on the future rather than stuck in anger and getting back at the employer. The ability to meet the terminated employee within 24 hours after the termination is critical for the employee to be able to begin to process the event in a non-destructive manner.

How to Choose a Firm That Meets Your Needs?

Corporate clients are often put in the position of having to decide on short notice which firm to hire to meet their Human Resources needs. Here are some important considerations to take into account:

Service Considerations

Consider that…

At Jennifer Carter & Associates, experience…

Who attends onsite terminations?

Onsite services may be delivered by sales associates without the expertise to deal with highly charged emotional situations

Professionals with proven skills in handling delicate, difficult situations and able to provide critical support to both managers and the terminated employee

Who provides the Career Transition Services?

Firms may be staffed with individuals who have little corporate experience to understand the challenges of career transition

Extensive corporate experience in government, education, healthcare, as well as in the private, public and entrepreneurial sectors

How much in-person counselling is provided?

Over-reliance on computer systems, group sessions or call centres with very little individual time provided

In-person, one-on-one sessions offer focussed, individualized service respecting privacy

What is covered in the fee quoted?

Separate or additional fees for onsite service and management training

Quote that covers full-service programs including; financial counseling, vocational testing, spousal/partner support in addition to all other aspects of the Career Transition process

Does the firm have proven track record

The Career Transition work is an add on to the firm’s core business

Specialization in the field with over 22 years of experience and a reputation for professionalism, integrity, service and quality

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